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Jenn Fri Sep 28 11:00:24 2001

I can't believe no one's brought this up yet...I mean, it was on Wednesday, after all.

So. What's everyone think about the new Star Trek? I saw Burnt Dog Radio had the same impression I did - Vulcan nipples.

/Totally/ necessary to the plot, having them get nekked and rub gel over their glistening bodies. In fact, there was just as much justification for that little scene as there is for the obligatory threesome in your average porno (Gee, Gary and Betty, would you help me tie this bikini string? Oops! *giggle*).

I was also rather disturbed by the fact that the Vulcan's acting reminds me of that chick with the huge knockers on Voyager (yeah, yeah. I'm bad with names.), almost as though some director was rather attracted to cold and austere women with bodies that actually exceed Barbie doll proportions. And was trying to make all of his actresses into that ideal. Not that I'm saying anything about Berman's proclivities.

And even I, Madame Stupid About Technology, laughed when they said the armor plating was offline.

I did see that the Penny Arcade guy liked it, though. I dunno, I kept saying, "But weren't we at /war/ with the Klingons back then?"

And...when Scott Bakula just goes *wandering* around the space station at the end there? Heow and I are both screaming, 'Die, you utter moron!' I find it insanely unlikely that there is one guard only around the Klingon, who holds the information that can destroy that entire plan. Or none at all around the special time warp room thingie that proves their plotting with the future. Especially since they had to know the Enterprise was out there, they were attacking the stupid thing.

And, our space ship, which the Vulcans have withheld vital information on from us for a hundred years, and which is our first attempt know...Enterprise-y like things, can hold it's own against a civilization that is advanced enough to be using genetic alteration and making huge structures out of space ships. Yeah. Right.

Tirdun Fri Sep 28 12:17:14 2001
Re: Enterprise?

> So. What's everyone think about the new Star Trek? I saw Burnt Dog Radio
> had the same impression I did - Vulcan nipples.

I missed it. Intentionally. I'm sorry to have missed Vulcan nipples, I suppose, but Trek has largely lost me since the first season of DS9. I managed to stay tuned to Voyager for a bit of the first season, but eventually realized I was doing so out of a longing for the good old days when I was actually entertained. The whole Trek universe has gotten too cluttered for me, there are better things out there.

Maybe Enterprise will be a sudden breath of fresh air, maybe it'll be more of the same leftovers. I can always catch up in reruns.

mouse Fri Sep 28 14:36:30 2001
Re: Enterprise?

i missed it unintentionally, but i meant to check it out. ST was never really strong on real science stuff, but i figured a show set in an earlier time frame would at least not have chief engineer who could refabricate major ship components in a matter of minutes to save the day (which ST engineers always seem to do) - i figured maybe they'd actually have to start dealing with limited options. i got into DS9 much more than i did ST:NG or Voyager, i think because it had a bit of a darker edge - you actually realized that there might be a chance that things wouldn't all be worked out at the end of the hour. (also i like Avery Brooks)

i've never really thought of ST in the same way since Babylon 5 - wish _they_ had gotten a guaranteed spinoff. (i know, they had Crusader, which i thought had some very interesting possibilities....oh well)

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