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Brother Emsworth Mon Sep 24 07:16:56 2001
Another Jihad Theme Song

[Inspired by the theme song to "Top Cat"]

Da da da da! Da da dah da! Da duh da da Toonbots, da da,

The truly minimal

Toonbots, da da dah dah! the most subliminal,

Jihad members read it and shout,

Over Mao's head and especially trout!

Da da duh da Toonbots, da da, with it's absurdity,

Really makes your day!

It's the one that hits the spot, more often than not, The pick of the lot, Toonbots!

Da da da da da da da! Toonbots!!

(Though this one was probably more amusing in my mind, but hopefully more people are familiar with the tune)

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