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Michael Fri Aug 31 00:55:41 2001
Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back

Wow. I laughed till my head hurt. Those of the Jihad (Emsworth, at least) with a low tolerance for obscenity in word or deed will do well to steer clear of this flick, but ... I laughed till my head hurt. It was worth not getting an episode done today. Did I say that out loud? *I'LL MAKE IT UP TO YOU* Really. No, Usu, please don--- dang. I liked that chair.

Anyway, this movie is what Web comics would be if they were movies. That's the feeling I got about it. As y'all know, I kind of like Web comics, so this movie really had me laughing.

It should have been stupid. It was a stupid-humor movie. But it just so worked -- and the most amazing thing? They did Star Wars parodies. They must have forked over wads of cash to Lucas.

I mean, really. International jewel thieves, the orangutan from _Dunston Checks In_, light sabers, Scooby-Doo, this movie just had it all. AND fourth-wall humor right and left. And I'm a sucker for fourth-wall.

Highly recommended, but leave your sensibilities at home because it's crude from the first scene right through to the end and I mean *really* never stops. Normally this really turns me off, but I need an Advil.

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