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Michael Mon Aug 27 22:51:11 2001


Jenn Tue Aug 28 07:45:54 2001
Italians in the mix

> HOORAY!!!!

It is an infestation of biblical proportions!

Brother Emsworth Tue Aug 28 13:45:36 2001

> HOORAY!!!!

Capital, capital! Yet another "Fiddler" reference today, and I usually enjoy a good literary parody (the orange horse bit is especially amusing.) A very interesting turn of events indeed. Dumas probaby would have envied the Toon-O-Matic, assuming it had more literary applications (better than dealing with all of those assistants and ghost-writers and whatnot.)

On a slightly related side-note, last week I managed to see a trailer for that new film version of The Count of Monte Christo. Apparently it's being released through Touchstone, but from the trailer, seems rather interesting and reasoanbly accurate (at least, with no obvious radical changes, as with that horrid remnake of Great Expectations), and Richard Harris is playing the Abbe Faria (thus practically guaranteeing at least one excellent performance.) Not sure of the release date, but I'll probably try to see it when i can.

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