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Michael Sun Aug 12 23:39:23 2001

Whee! I love burning stuff! We roasted hot dogs, bratwurst, and marshmallows! S'mores, even!

And it was all done with FIRE! Mwuahahahahaha!

(Plus I got rid of half of the brush pile. Excellent.)

Jenn Tue Aug 14 09:30:15 2001
Things on Fire

You know it's been three years since I had barbecue? I miss it terribly. That and the beer that you have to have with the brats, or it doesn't taste right...

It would appear that it's not called 'bonfire' in NYC. It's called 'arson'.

Tragic. I would like to rescind my vote for sandwiches when we lay seige to Michael's house, and revote for brats and large fires.

Michael Tue Aug 14 10:53:38 2001
Re: Things on Fire

> and revote for brats and large fires.

We still have lots of brush left.

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