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gopher Sun Oct 29 19:44:00 2000

Wow. Captions. What really did it for me though, on the Oct. 28 strip, was that stray dot in the first panel. The dot is the voice of everyone who has ever had a dream that could never be fulfilled. You speak for them, Michael. You and the dot.

Michael Sun Oct 29 20:19:21 2000
Say what?!?

Wh.. I.. OK, where the hell did that dot come from? Toon-o-Matic! I don't pay you to think, boy! Damn Toonbots, they're always getting uppity.

Michael Sun Oct 29 20:22:32 2000

Aha. I clicked on the background when I was resizing it. So the Toon-o-Matic gets off on a technicality -- I won't have to fire it after all.

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