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Tirdun Thu May 24 09:10:34 2001
Post Party Syndrome

Well, the high holy day has passed, and I'd like to thank everyone who brought food and drink, and for Napoleon for overseeing the Defenstrations. I'd just mention in passing that there is still the small matter of cleaning up the glass in the lawn and finding out exactly what happened to Pooga, who was last seen arguing with the wolverines over the proper lift to clear high window sashes. They were very drunk. The wolverines claim to have been illustrating something or other, but that was all.

Special thanks to Emsworth for a rousing speech, and for bringing the very nice Brandy. Not that I got any, but I hear it was very good. Also special thanks to the first aid team who say they got some great experience and who really enjoyed the party. The trainees were a bit green afterwards, but they were warned.

There is still some leftover food, and if anyone wants to claim it, feel free. We'll be raising bail money later, but I sugguest everyone sleep off the party before we worry about it.

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