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Tammy Lewis Tue May 1 17:21:09 2001
Leave Me Alone!


I was just trying to scam some dumb internet newbies with my spam, and you've gone and made a war out of it! Now my accounts keep getting cut off and I might have to get a real job! I can't WORK you insensitive bastard, my nails are too expensive! Do you know how many minutes it took to come up with such a smarty scam like that? DO YOU? NO YOU DON'T!

By the way, for just $10.00 I'll get you in on a cool pyramid... er I mean multi tiered flyer mailing deal. Really, just send the ten and I'll send you a list. Put your name on the bottom... well, the instructions are with the crap anyway, you figure it out. If you don't make bazillions like I do then YOU'RE NOT DOING IT RIGHT! REALLY! Or, if you're not a big stamp-licker you can get on this cool pay-to-surf program, really!! PAID TO SURF. Hell, your surfing right now, get it! AAAAND, if you sign up under my name, I get money when you surf too! SOMETHING FOR NOTHING!

Or, if you are into more ahem, mature stuff. I personally think that NY HO's is the best site on the internet. Really. Just click -=HERE=- and you get a free 2 week trial membership! Plus I get money for clicks. Works great! You could put up a link on your Toon... uh thing. EH?

WHAT? NO? Bastards. Stop cancelling my accounts! It's perfectly legit under some senator mcnugget's law! It passed, right? Was it a senator? Anyway, I'm off to ride the internet wave of the future. And my name's REALLY Tammy Lewis. I'm a College Sophmore trying to pay her way. I swear.

Tammy Lewis Hot Wire Internet Super Speedup Kit "Attract more visitors, GUARUNTEED!"

Michael Tue May 1 21:15:26 2001
Re: Leave Me Alone!


Hi, Tam. When did you move to Maryland?

Tammy Lewis Wed May 2 08:13:20 2001
Re: Leave Me Alone!

> Hi, Tam. When did you move to Maryland?

Since Tirdun became my sugar-daddy. This Web-entra..entrepre.. business stuff is expensive when you have to sign up for new accounts every few weeks.

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