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Tirdun Mon Apr 23 06:00:43 2001
Captialism 3

I just can't stop....

Still working on the XML for the second one.

Michael Mon Apr 23 10:17:36 2001
Re: Captialism 3

> I just can't stop....

Obviously I don't actually have to do Toonbots myself. Thanks, Tirdun!

I'm still working on a text-extent calculation routine so I can get the rejuvenated Toon-o-Matic doing captions again, then we can test your XML. Spent most of the evening yesterday working on a translator from TrueType font files into an XML representation. The TT spec is open, but I've got to say, it doesn't appear to be *correct*. So far. Anyway, the FreeType people also have a TrueType reader (of course, since they do a rendering engine) and have a font file dump utility as part of their tool suite, so I'm going to try that route next. Quicker.

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