I am aware of all Internet traditions

The metacartoonist is proud to bring you another Public Service Announcement; of course, the casual observer will utterly fail to note the intrinsically subversive nature of the subtext in this instance, while the astute among you will readily note the ineffable interplay between levels of semantic charge.

The script for this toon:

font size=12
mouse says Are you aware of all Internet traditions?
mouse leaves
al says I am aware of all Internet traditions!
al leaves
mao says I am aware of all Internet traditions.
mao leaves
yoda says Aware of all Internet traditions I am.
yoda leaves
osama says I am not aware of your decadent traditions.
osama leaves
mouse says Shouldn't you be aware of<br/>all Internet traditions?
mouse leaves
caption (middle, size=16, color=255,0,0) Brought to you by the Society<br/>for Internet Tradition Awareness
caption (bottom middle, color=0,0,255) Because an Internet tradition is a terrible thing to waste.

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