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Vivtek has a variety of hosting services available, from the plain-ol-Website variety to various special-needs offerings. By "special needs" we mean database access, other active page technologies, MetaHTML, and so forth. We can host your domain (e.g. and forward email from that domain to any mailbox you specify.

We have a number of tools for you if you want a database-backed website, and that's really what we specialize in. An example is the Build Bloomington website. That site has a lot search and a plan search, in addition to their standard static pages.
Another of our special-need hosting facilities is MetaHTML. An example of a Meta-driven site we host is Tricia Bird's Melissa Etheridge fansite, which is entirely Meta-driven. MetaHTML is a fairly new technology, but it's very powerful. We're currently developing a topic page about it. Take a look at Tricia's site; it's pretty neat.
Other unusual
Since many ISPs and Web hosting services are unable to offer special requests of this nature, Vivtek may be a good match for you if there's something special you'd like to include in your website. This could be some odd CGI programming, or whatever. Ask us. We like a challenge. Pricing for unusual needs will depend on how much time will be required to install and maintain the special programming that you need.
Electronic commerce
Of course, we can also host your electronic commerce functionality (shopping cart, transaction processing, customer service, and so forth.) For more information on our electronic commerce services for small business, please visit our e-commerce page.

Here is our current list of hosting prices. These prices may change with no warning whatsoever.

Vivtek Web hosting pricing guide
Plain ol' site$10 per month
MetaHTML hosting$20 per month
Database hosting$25 per month
Unusual needsLet's talk...

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