Vivtek Products

As noted elsewhere, Vivtek is at the present time primarily a service company. We're working to diversify, and we have a couple of products to sell and are working on more. The Mezzanine tools were nice, but nobody was interested. Fortunately, they helped us a lot. Ah, the fickle market.
Mezzanine is a document management system from FileNet. See the Mezzanine topic page for more information. If you don't use Mezzanine, these product descriptions won't make much sense. If you are writing against the Mezzanine API, however, even in a Panagon environment, these product descriptions are a dream come true.
  • MezzSpy  (Single license: $150)
    MezzSpy sits between your application and the Mezzanine system DLLs. It logs and analyzes each call made to the Mezzanine library, and provides an incredible insight into what your application (or any application) is really doing. Take a look at how FileShare works sometime; you'll learn a lot.
    (16-bit clients only right now.)

  • CO_Man  (Single license: $50)
    CO_Man is a simple viewer/editor for Mezzanine custom objects. You could write it yourself, but now you don't have to. If your application or any application you support makes use of custom objects, this little utility will save you time and aspirin. GREAT FOR PANAGON, TOO!

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