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Panagon is a document management system created by FileNET as a successor product to Saros Mezzanine and FileNET's imaging server. Eventually Panagon will replace both server products, but in the meantime it consists of a COM-based client which uses the existing APIs of the two servers.

Panagon is neat. While I've said elsewhere that I miss the old Mezzanine days, I'm really enjoying the new Panagon days, too. Panagon is neat because COM is neat, and because not only does Panagon do Explorer integration, FileNET has also got a really slick Web server in Panagon IDM Web Services.

The Panagon topic is going to be a big and involved topic. We're preparing quite a few subpages with various documentation that we've discovered in the course of learning Panagon, and we'll continue to write pages as we learn more. A lot of this material is going to be along the lines of "Mezzanine did things this way, and here's how you do that in Panagon." And a lot is going to be "This is the way things are, but we can't find it in the documentation." As always, if you have a specific question about Panagon, either click here to ask it or email us to suggest expansions to the Panagon topic.

As these subpages get written, they'll turn into live links.
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  • Ease of use. Panagon application development is far easier than Mezzanine application development -- as long as you're writing in BASIC.
  • Search capabilities. Panagon includes an ADO database interface for searches. Slick!
  • Support. Since Panagon isn't cheap, FileNET pays a lot of attention to their customers. In addition, there is a large number of third-party integrators and solution providers who understand Panagon (including Vivtek, of course!).

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