The Vivtek Order Server

The Vivtek order server is the online commerce solution that we ourselves use, of course. At present, it is available for AOLserver with Tcl using either Illustra or MS Access for database services. We are targeting three additional platforms for further development: IIS for the HTTP server, using whatever ODBC database you care to use; Apache as the HTTP server, using some unknown database, probably PostgreSQL, and a low-end CGI compiled version, using either a database or a flat-file data storage setup.

If you're interested in one of these additional platforms, please contact us to influence our development schedule. If you're running AOLserver, however, you can buy VVOS today for $500.

You may want to consider running the VVOS not on your own server, but on ours, using our electronic commerce service. This is the same functionality, but we do all the administration for you.

  • Complete shopping cart functionality.
  • Complete customer service functionality.
  • Unlimited email and online support to get your installation working and keep it that way.
  • Upgrades as they are released.

Each license for the order server allows you to run a copy on a single server.
That server may serve any number of merchants, storefronts, and catalogs, though.
How many licenses will you need?

(You can remove it from the cart if you change your mind.)

Creative Commons License
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