Process arguments and open source file
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Finally, now that we have the good stuff out of the way, we're ready to talk about how we open our input file. The scan and weave steps expect input in the INPUT file handle.
if (@ARGV != 1) {
   print STDERR "Usage: $0 <filename>\n";
   exit 1;
open INPUT, $ARGV[0] or die "Can't open file '$ARGV[0]'\n";

$format_html = $ARGV[0];
$format_html =~ s/\.xml$/_format.html/i;
$index_html = $ARGV[0];
$index_html =~ s/\.xml$/_index.html/i;
And after all is said and done, we'll want to clean all this up, too.
  Add the following to "Clean up afterwards"
close INPUT;
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