Change log and further ideas
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This is of course a work in progress, even this alpha version. I'm going to cut off this particular version whenever I complete qdmt but until then I've got a few things I want to build into even this primitive little app.

  • Initial application functional 3/21/2000
    The initial version could (just barely) tangle and weave. It could process itself and it produced readable documentation. Qualifies as literate programming in my book, anyway.
  • Second pass 3/26/2000
    Did a few things. Changed the highlighting of code segments in woven documentation by sticking that little grey bar next to them. Eventually that sort of thing should be done with some sort of map (or better yet, lpml should work with DocBook SGML.) Adding subitem functionality.
  • Support for <format> tag 5/7/2000
    Not only did I do better formatting (and remove that awkward dependence on external files) I also made it possible for an XML-correct document to generate HTML during weave, and parsed this entire document with expat to ensure that it's well-formed XML, which it is. It was like pulling teeth! I've fallen into a number of HTML coding habits that really make XML complain! It is now also possible to generate a single-page documentation, since there is no explicitly "different" index page.
  • Added support for quoting [##tags##] 12/12/2006
    I use those tags everywhere, including the nav stuff on my own site, so I added support for quoting them -- a (unresolved tag tag) will get passed through to the output as [##tag##].
Here's a list of things I want to introduce before I do better XML tokenization:
  • Hide non-display items (like the cleanup item from this very project.)
  • Variant support (to define objects which share some items but differ in others.)
And then there's the further future:
  • Version control and documentation.
  • Real XML tokenizer (QDMT or expat).
  • DocBook XML instead of HTML output.
  • Management beyond tangle (i.e. something on the make level.)
  • Active items (generated from data structures aside from text, like database queries.)
  • More sophisticated integration with my other content management toolset.
Plenty to do. Maybe I'll get some of it done sooner or later. Watch this space for further details.
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