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As is perhaps obvious from the application's name, lpml takes a literate programming presentation which is coded in markup language. The XML in question is somewhat questionable, perhaps, as the presentation items allow free embedding of arbitrary markup, but I really don't care, as the whole thing does what I need it to do, which is define pieces of code contiguous with nicely formatted documentation. If somebody else knows more about XML and can tell me how I can specify arbitrary markup in an element, then maybe I'll be able to write a DTD. Otherwise I guess we're just kinda out of luck and I'll have to continue to think of this as a generic markup language product with no X in it.

I've been checking my XML for well-formedness, anyway, so that's good. The alpha script, since it generates HTML, has some extra little tidbits for turning well-formed XML into valid HTML.

Here are the elements I'm using so far:

They work as follows: Well, that's the lot. As I implement more stuff, if it impacts the element set at all, I'll update this page. I hope.

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