Group shot in 1999

OK, yeah, yeah, eight months just to scan and upload a lousy photograph -- well I don't see anybody else doing it! Ha. Let me share with you the mindblowing experience that was the 15-year reunion. Remember that I had seen, well, not a single soul of any of you for 15 years. I was one of the first there. Brenda hadn't changed, so at least I knew I was at the right party. As people came in the door, with spouse, I kid you not, in almost every case I wasn't sure which of these two people I'd gone to school with. It was one of the strangest experiences I have ever had.

Then, oddly, after talking to each one for a time, it was totally natural who was who. So anyway, I got the idea that for those of you who didn't attend the reunion, it would be really cool to give you the same experience. Sort of. So here is the picture. Below the picture is a form. Fill in as many names as you can and submit the form, and we can all laugh about who is the hardest to recognize. After you submit the form you'll get a version of the page with names, or you can chicken out and not submit the form and just follow the link. But since I read my access logs, I'll figure out who you are, and then I'll hound you mercilessly for being a big chicken.

Now, in 2004, I expect to see more locals there! Those of you still living within ten miles of Hagerstown have no excuse whatsoever for not coming to reunions! Next time I'm going to get a big bus and drive around to your houses and force you to come, because we out-of-towners (like Mike Hoskins, who actually came from Houston for the reunion) would really kind of like to see all of you, too. At least I would, can't speak for all of them.

With no further fanfare, here's the picture.

Now let's see how well you can figure these people out:

Or click here to chicken out. (Chicken, bwock, bwock, ya big chicken! Come on, I dare ya to go take your best shot.)
Chickens or suspected chickens: