Definitely a work in progress

Current (19 March 2000):
OK, I have no excuse at all for waiting eight months to upload this picture. But I finally found the scan of the group shot from the reunion back in *ahem* August and decided to get the lead out and update this page. Sheesh, you'd think I was doing this on a volunteer basis or something!

So anyway, check it out and play the game.

Also, if you should know of any changes in addresses on this page, please tell me, OK? Same goes for any missing persons. Maybe in 2004 we'll be a little ahead of the game this way.

And anudda ting. If anybody went to the picnic and has some pictures I could scan of that, I'd appreciate it. You know where to find me, eh? Here!

(7 August 1999):
What a month! It just flew by. Cynthia (Harpenau) Hiler has been found (thanks to Valerie Woolard) so there are only fifteen still missing.

(8 July 1999):
Brenda just got me addresses for Greg Weiss, Carolyn (Weiss) Talbot, and Kelly Malkemus. Only sixteen left! Oh, and my daughter Vivi is 5 today!

(6 July 1999):
Don Byerly's no longer missing. We're down to nineteen.

(6 July 1999):
Here are the people we're still missing. Some of them are almost found. There are twenty still on this list. If you know them, or just feel like calling their parents or something, that would be absolutely great! Melissa Abbot, Amy Burgess, Anita Burton, Don Byerly, Mark Crawford, Jeannette Farr, Jill Guthrie, Cynthia Harpenau, Ronda Hosenfeld, Teresa Hughes, Wade Lacy, Kim Landis, Debbie Lawhorn, Kelly Malkemus, Dianne Marshall, Jeff Mikesell, Lisa Moffit, Tim Nunley, Carolyn Weiss, Greg Weiss. As usual, any help is appreciated!

The actual plans
Where'd that flier go? Oh, yeah, here it is. For those of you who've lost your flier or didn't/haven't yet gotten one:
Morning of August 21st -- the Jubilee Day parade, and we'll have a float. Meet at the high school if you remember where it is. (Just kidding.)
7:00 PM, August 21st -- Best Western on SR 3 south of New Castle. Dining and dancing. Just you and a significant other. Erica won't be there, they have Jimmy Buffet tickets...
11-2, August 22nd -- Hagerstown Park. Pitch-in -- bring a covered dish, plates, tableware. We'll get cups and some drinks.

(11 May 1999):
The actual weekend of the reunion will be August 21-22. We're planning a daytime thing in the park for those of us with kids and anyone else who wants to come, and then we're planning an evening thing, looks like the Best Western in New Castle for adults only (you plus S.O.). More details as we get a clue!

OK, here goes. Women are alphabetized by their maiden names. (Sorry if that irritates any of you; I'll change it if you want.) I've tried to attribute sources because it's more fun that way; where not otherwise noted, they're all from Brenda (McCoy) Hoodlebrink, who had the presence of mind to take out an ad in the Exponent.

Name Address Phone Email Occupation
Further information
Melissa Abbot        
Alfred Abbot in Greensfork : 765-886-5787
Michelle (Adams) Huntington 13837 W.E. Oler Rd.
Hagerstown IN 47346
765-489-5626   Husband: John
Becky (Appleby) Rector 2867 S. Brill Road
Indianapolis, IN
Husband: Jerry; Sons: Aaron (12), Brandon (9), and Justin (5).
Toni (Beal) Jones 13535 W.E. Oler Rd.
Hagerstown IN 47346
Husband: Rod (HHS '83); one child
Dwayne Beaty 80 Dogwood Drive
Hagerstown IN 47346
Diana Bond 10187 Tybalt Drive
Fishers IN 46038
S.O. and soon husband: Dan
Diana and Dan are getting married in Honduras on a diving trip. Isn't that cool?
Jeff Bond 3518 Bedford
Detroit MI 48224
(313) 417-1961    
There are 143 Jeff Bonds on
Thanks to Mike Hoskins for the phone number.
Anita (Books) Byers PO Box 57
Crawfordsville IN 47933
765-234-2305   teaches physically
handicapped children
Husband: Bryan; two kids
Left the Navy (cryptotech) when Patrick Cromis joined up.
Michelle Born c/o Sharon Born
PO Box 87
Hagerstown IN 47346
Daughter: Olivia
Stephanie (Brandenburg) Henry 1460 S. 16th, Apt. B
Richmond, IN 47374
Husband: Mike
Kim (Brown) Taylor 3408 N. West Point Road
Salem, IN 47167
Jane (Bruns) Keller 9471 Whispering Trace
Brownsburg IN 46112
317-852-3058 Director of nursing
Orthopedics-Indpls Surgery Center
Husband: John; Kids: Graham and Luke
Received Aug. 17, 1999:
Luke Joseph Keller was born on 8/1 @ 3:16 pm. He weighed 10 lbs. 3 oz. and was 23 inches long. We are all well, but won't be coming home for the reunion. Hope everyone has fun!!
Jane Bruns Keller
Laurie (Burge) Carr 632 South 14th
Richmond IN 47374
765-935-6327 "Personal banker"
at First Bank Richmond
(whatever that is...)
Husband: William
Amy Burgess        
Theresa (Burris) Bartlett 11777 Williamson Rd.
Williamsburg IN 47393
765-886-6032   Mother of three
Husband:Chris (HHS 83)
Kids: Linley, Tori, Hailey
Anita Burton        
Don Byerly 36 Roselawn Ave.
Troy, NY 12180
(518) 270-9651 Sales rep
IKON Office Solutions
Technology Services
Wife: Terry
Kids: Sarah (3-1/2) and one more due in December.
Tina (Chance) Humphries 314 w. Main St.
Cambridge City, IN 47327
Deanna (Conner) Dykstra 755 Fairfield NW
Grand Rapids MI 49504  
Husband: David; one child
Tammie (Coon) Littlefield PO Box 1002
Joshua TX 76058
Two children, one boy and one girl.
Hope (Cornthwaite) Garrett 134 N. Whitcomb Ave.
Indianapolis IN 46224
317-487-6740 Runs a daycare
Husband: Bob; son Robbie (7)
Glen Cox 6 East Warrick St.
Knightstown IN 46148
Wife: Yvette
Mark Crawford        
Patrick Cromis 230 Marlene St
Virginia Beach, VA 23452
757-431-9399 In the Navy. Who would have guessed?
Wife: Marlene
Three kids (Patrick II, Kevin, Matthew)
Deanna (Dale) Jervis 10 West Clay Street
Hagerstown IN 47346
Husband: Daniel; one son, Alex
Gene Davis 2009 NW "N" Street
Richmond IN 47374
765-939-9505 Harley-Davidson sales
Veeery cool! (Even better than detective.)
Significant other: Terri
Jay Davis 16367 Hoover Rd.
Hagerstown IN 47346
Wife: Betsy
John Davis Deceased 4-15-95
Tammi (Davis) White 11775 Mendenhall Rd.
Hagerstown IN 47346
Husband: Doug (we think)
Two sons
Thanks to Donna Manning for Tammi's info!
Xan (Davis) Moistner 5224 US 40 E., Apt. 1
Centerville, IN
Husband: Clayton
Brenda (Dickey) Owens PO Box something
Economy IN 47339
Three kids.
Brenda isn't sure of the PO Box, but I'm betting in Economy it doesn't matter anyway...
Sue (Duff) Parkins 7704 Santa Catarina Ct NW
Albuquerque NM 87120 Detective!
How cool!
Husband: Todd
Two boys: Owen (2) and Austin(2 months)
Obviously, Sue knew she should have taken that left turn at Albuquerque!
David Farmer RR1 Box 274
Modoc IN 47358
Wife: Holly
Has a little girl.
Jeanette Farr        
Molly (Fisher) Fallis 7711 Carpenter Court
Plainfield IN 46168
317-838-9343   Mother of two
Husband: Henry (HHS 85)
Kids: Dillon and Peyton
Got her from Bill Nellis and from Brenda!
Lori (Griffith) Rader 2331 West Cart Road
Richmond, IN 47374
    Store manager
McD's on Chester Blvd.
Kids: Leah (b. 1984), Jacob (b. 1989), and a daughter.
Thanks to Rhonda (Shepherd) Jordan for the info!
Jill Guthrie        
Last sighting: Sarasota, FL in 1987, by Mike Hoskins.
Cynthia (Harpenau) Hiler 2985 West 340 North, Angola, IN 46703      
Thanks to Valerie Woolard!
Carl Hayes 7338 Sedgwick Way
Indianapolis, IN 46256
We got a phone number thanks to Gene Davis!
Mary Hayes 187 Poplar Street
Economy IN 47339  
Divorced and is back to being a Hayes. Her own words.
Nancy Hayes 983 Dublin Pike
Cambridge City IN 47327
765-478-9106   Mother of five
Five kids: four boys and a girl!
Craig Hetisimer 15962 E 265 N
Columbus, IN 47201
Wife: Sherri; two girls.
Thanks to Scott Terry for the address.
Chad Hodson 605 E. Tulip Lane
Connersville IN 47331
Wife: Sandy
Expecting first child in May
Leah (Hollenberg) Anderson 1084 S. Blaney Ave.
San Jose, CA 95129
Husband: Brenda didn't say, but from their email I'm betting "Mark."
Erica Hoover Smith 1144 Ridgeview Court
Avon IN 46168
Husband: Craig
Rented an island in the Bahamas for the wedding. Does anybody remember that was to be my plan? Sigh. They're going to Rome for their honeymoon.
Ronda Hosenfeld        
Ryan Hosier 14805 Frank Meyers Road
Cambridge City IN 47327
Mike Hoskins PO Box 1345
Rockwall, TX 75087
972-475-5928 (?)  
Two sons, Joshua (5 years) and Ethan (7 months as of July 1999)
According to Bill Nellis, Mike works for Raytheon in the Dallas area.
Thanks to Scott Terry for the contact info!
Thad Huff 1159 Harrison Pike West, Apt 1403
Cleveland TN 37311
but not for long
Last known address, thanks to Scott Terry.
Teresa Hughes        
Diana (Jarrett) Moore 6205 Franklin Rd
Hagerstown, IN 47346
765-489-5177   Manages GasAmerica
Husband: Kent
Four daughters (two twins, Kayla and Kylie)
Thanks to Sandy Tremps of the Class of 83 for DD!
Kim (Keesling) Guard
Last update: 2004-02-17
3611 East Randolph co. Line Rd.
Lynn, IN 47355
765-886-6146 (home)
765-983-3160 x 7320 (work) Nurse at Reid Memorial
Husband: Steve
Kids: Daniel and Benjamin
Kim emailed me after talking to Brenda on the phone.
Frank Kelley PO Box something
Economy IN 47339
Wife: Athenia (I remember her!)
Three kids
I had the weirdest dream in about 1986 while I was living in Germany; I dreamed that Frank came to visit me. That's all I remember of the dream. Just thought I'd throw that in to liven this list up. Hi, Frank!
Jessica (King) Day 3341 US 40 E
Lewisville IN 47352
Husband: Dennis; two children (one boy, one girl.)
Wade Lacy        
Leanne Lafuze 8647 Brinwood Dr
Indianapolis, IN 46240
317-815-1401 Physical therapist
Husband: Brent
Two cats: Rascal and Princess
Kim Landis        
Debbie Lawhorn        
Denise (Logan) Snyder 1301 East 5th
Connersville IN 47331
765-825-2940 Fayette Co. Schools
Kelly Malkemus 501 Cedar Drive
New Castle, IN 47362
Donna Manning 9096 Manning Rd.
Economy IN 47339
Steve Maples PO Box 834
Richmond IN 47374
Wife: Denise
Jimmy Marcum 2120 Spring Street Lot#3
New Castle 47362
Met him on the street five years ago. Couldn't remember his name and was handling it gracefully until my mother said, "Well, aren't you going to introduce us?" A moment of excruciating embarrassment followed, but Jimmy, let it be known that I will never again forget your name. Eek.
Dianne Marshall        
Cindy McCormack 973 South Washington
Hagerstown IN 47346
Brenda (McCoy) Hoodlebrink 4840 N. St. Rd. 1
Hagerstown IN 47346
  Mother of four
Brenda found me! How cooperative!
Husband:Jim Hoodlebrink (HHS class of 85)
Kids:Tyler(5), Erin(4), Geoffrey(2), and Aimee(8 months). Wow.
Troy McMullen 105 Sea Otter Lane
Tripp Island SC 29920
843-838-7205 was
but that's invalid now
Wife: Theresa
Expecting in September
Would you believe that finds 120 Troy McMullens in America? Who would have thought that name would be so common?
Thanks to Mike Hoskins for Troy's email address.
Denise (Mercer) Fox 11785 Robinson Road
Economy IN 47339
765-886-5116 Part-time LPN
Husband Terry
Two boys, Toby (5) and Dillon (4)
Ken Miers 924 W. Fairoaks Drive
New Castle IN 47362
Wife: Imogene
Two boys.
Jeff Mikesell        
Brian Miller 15819 Bear Creek Rd.
Hagerstown IN 47346
Wife: Erica (HHS 83)
Eric Miller 155 W. Harrison
Hagerstown IN 47346
    Police officer
Lisa Moffit        
Lucia Monger c/o Phillip Monger
100 Dogwood Drive
Hagerstown IN 47346
Phillip Monger in Hagerstown: 765-489-5745
Bill Nellis 505 Woodview Dr.
Coldwater, Ohio 45828
419-678-8870 Teacher (special ed)
Union City Schools
Wife: Kim
Thanks to Scott Terry for Bill's info!
Tim Nunley        
Judy (Owens) Berry 7570 N. Jacksonburg Rd.
Hagerstown IN 47346
Son: Tyler
Mike Owens 1133 W. 9th ST #416
Cleveland, OH 44113
216-621-9420 attn: Mike Owens
Mgr at spaghetti warehouse
First from Scott Terry, then from Brenda Hoodlebrink. Mike's triangulated.
Tammy (Prater) Turner 1916 E. 21 Street
Muncie, IN 47302
(765)281-1343 was
but that's invalid now.
Legena (Ramsey) Knouff 473 East 900 S.
Star City IN 46985
Kids: Jessica (11), Nick (9), and Elizabeth (9 months!)
Thanks to Kim Keesling Guard for Legena!
Michael Roberts
(Your gracious host)
1029 S. Dunn
Bloomington, IN 47401
812-339-1965 Software. Of course.
I found it easy to find myself, at least.
Wife: Agnes (Hungarian)
Daughter:Vivienne (5 today, July 8)
Son: Orion (4 months before I remembered to update this!) Born 3/4/99. Occupation: smiling, eating, sleeping, not in that order.
Tatia (Rogers) Shepard 3432 Orchard Park Road
Orchard Park, NY 14127
Shelley (Sharp) Gray 456 N. Plum
Hagerstown IN 47346
Husband Kent (HHS 82 and now teaches/coaches there)
Three daughters: Brooke, Erin, and Paige.
Rhonda (Shepherd) Jordan 13 North Main
Greensfork IN 47345
765-886-6098 City of Richmond
Human Rights Commission
Husband: Pat
Daughter: Lily (8). Red hair (not too surprising...)
Melvin Short 25329 Oakstone CT.
Moreno Valley, CA 92553
Astoundingly, there are many Melvin Shorts in the USA.
A hearty thank-you to Patrick Cromis, who managed to find ours.
Stephen Short 409 La Salle Dr
Richardson, TX 75081
Steve actually helped me move five years ago and had since disappeared without a trace.
But of course, Patrick found Melvin and you find one, you find the other.
Robin (Shultz) Smith 110 W. Northmarket
Hagerstown IN 47346
Lisa (Sitzlar) Semler 256 Hillcrest Ave.
Richmond IN 47374
Husband:Troy (HHS '93)
Oops. Rhonda says Lisa's divorced now. I don't know more details and I don't know whether she's gone back to Sitzlar or what. Anybody know?
Amanda Smith-Scholl 149 W. College
Hagerstown IN 47346
Mark Sproles 10341 W 350 S -57
Larwill, In 46764
Business Machine Lead at Staples.
Wife: Margaret
Kids: Rachel - 9, Shawn-8, Malachi - 1, Sarah (died at birth)
They're homeschooling their kids!
Laura (Strahota) Russell 159 South 47th
Richmond IN 47374
Cindy (Swoveland) Davis 2008 Glen Court
Richmond IN 47374
Jeff Swoveland and Candi (Monaghan) Swoveland
A package deal!
1223 Country Rd. W 850 S.
Lynn IN 47355
Now isn't this convenient?
Debbie (Taylor) Walker 1330 "I" Avenue
New Castle IN 47362
Husband: Mark
Scott Terry 709 Woodfield Ct.
North Vernon IN 47265 Dentist...
(Anybody else thinking of Steve Martin in Little Shop of Horrors?)
Thanks to Patrick Cromis for Scott's email.
Daughter: Emma, 3-1/2
Steve Thompson 222 South Pearl
Spiceland IN 47385
2 kids
Bald head: shaven for two years. We're not sure why.
Kevin Turley 416 West 6th St.
Connersville, IN 47331
John Waltz RR 1 Box 175
Gibson, NC 28343
Carolyn (Weiss) Talbot 130 W. Southmarket
Hagerstown, IN 47346
Greg Weiss 1640 W. Greenleaf Apt.#3b
Chicago, IL 60626
Delayed college to work with the FFA. After that, I don't know.
David Werking 332 W. Staat Street
Fortville IN 46040
317-485-7947 Business Development Manager for PSI
(engineering consultant)
Wife: Teresa; daughter Lindsey (4), son Henry (4 months)
Kelly Werking 590 West Main
Hagerstown IN 47346
Randy Werking 4339 N. Brick Church Rd.
Hagerstown IN 47346
Wife: Kim (HHS class of 83)
Three kids.
Traci (Winkle) Raftbichler 106 Highland Drive
Richmond, IN 47374
Peggy (Winters) Claar 2215 Walnut
New Castle IN 47362
Chris Wisener 13175 Olive Branch Rd.
Hagerstown IN 47346
I remember "Hey Chris, your float's stuck!" from eighth-grade English. With Mrs. Schoeff.
Valerie (Woolard) Huffman 805 S. Broadway
Pendleton IN 46064
Husband: Randy; two kids, a 5-yr-old girl and a 2-yr-old boy
Rob York 3742 North County Rd. 500 East
Mooreland IN 47360
Vicky (Young) Puro 603 Park Square Drive
Bloomington IN 47403
Can you believe this? She lived two streets down and I never knew it!