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Once you've completed a transaction with the CyberCash cash register server, you receive a POP structure back. The actual form of this structure is a single line, with fields delimited by ampersands (&) and URL-encoded. (The same format used for POST content, see?) If you're using the &directPayment call in Perl, then this return string is parsed out into a hash for you. Any way you slice them, though, the fields are as follows:
Field namePurpose (if I know)
pop.order-valid-till If a hold is placed on the card until fulfillment occurs, this is how long you can wait to fulfill the order.
pop.cybercash-id This is your CyberCash ID (in case you're logging more than one merchant)
pop.price The total price charged, in the form "usd 9.00" for US$9.00.
pop.auth-code Authorization code for the transaction
pop.txn-id Transaction ID (the key into the Cash Register admin screens)
pop.ref-code Reference code... um, not sure what this is used for, frankly
pop.error-message Error message if any.
pop.status Status, as a string. Popular ones are "success" and "failure-hard". Timestamp in the form yyyymmddhhmmss.ttt
pop.order-id Order ID you assigned the transaction
pop.error-code Error code. I don't have a list.
pop.sign Signature for verification
pop.avs-code AVS code. This is listed somewhere in the documentation and I'll put it here when I find it. AVS is, of course, address verification system. Some banks don't support it in the first place, so this may simply be blank for you.

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