Content management -- OPM from Nextek Innovations

OPM (the Online Publication Manager) is an easy-to-configure, easy-to-use content management system which is based on work Vivtek has done in configuration management. It's offered for sale by Nextek Innovations. It doesn't require any special software on your workstation, it doesn't require any high-tech modules on your server, and it doesn't even cost much.

What can OPM do for you? Well, let's say you've got a site that features editorial content. You could do it the hard way, by writing your copy in a word processor, using some tool like Front Page to convert it into HTML, tweaking the HTML until it's right (again), and uploading the page or pages into your website. Or you could install OPM, and paste your editorial text into a simple form (even include pictures if you like!), click the button, and let OPM insert the new text into your site with no hassle at all, with the same HTML every time.

Not convinced? OK, that simple scenario might not do it. But does your editorial content go into an archive? Here's where OPM can really help you out -- OPM can create archive pages for you automatically, and we even have a simple search script that can search your old articles for author, title, or text and present the user with a set of links with nice little quotes. Can't beat that, right?

Or maybe you've got a real-world publication and you want to mirror it online. The Athens, Ohio Athens News is a good example. They format their articles in their own desktop publishing system, upload them in a textual interchange format into a special directory, click a button, and the entire issue is created for them by OPM. Archives and all. In this case, where you have periodical content that is generated in an existing application, OPM can get it onto the Web for you fast -- and your editors don't need to care about HTML or Web design at all.

If you're interested, drop Nextek a line at and talk to them about how OPM can work for you.

  • Content introduced by browser form submission or by direct upload. Pictures can be attached.
    You can even use database content or other content on an automatic basis to generate your pages.
  • Powerful scripting language enables total control over how your site is built from the content.
  • Useful components included (event calendar, poll engine, site search engine).
  • HTML look and feel can be changed globally with simple changes to templates.
  • Once published, your pages are static HTML, no CGI scripts, not even SSI, so your server can be fast and stupid.
    (You can still incorporate CGI or whatever you like into your site. The point is you don't have to.)

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