PyPop v0.1 released

Finally! I've been pretty busy with the paying work this last week, and also with biochemistry due to my son's kidney/allergy problems, and so lowly open-source work has suffered.

But the PyPop GUI framework is ready to download in a convenient NSIS installer. Rather than host it, I've put it up onto the the SourceForge download page for your downloading pleasure.

Once it's installed, download the filetagger app definition and play around with it. It's all still pretty crude, but I'm having fun. Did I mention that this actually involves the on-the-fly generation of a Python class based on the XML application definition, which is then instantiated in the GUI to do the work? That was fun!

Anyway, more later. I'm still on week #3 of the app-a-week thing, for, um, the second or third week. Maybe I'll slowly approach an app a week as I get this stuff under control. Wish me luck!

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