House update
2009-07-31 house

Reader tom writes in to say:

Subject: Can anyone edit your blog?

I hope not. But just in case we can I'd just like to say (and I speak for all of humanity here) that you should let us people on the internet come and live in y our carriage house whenever we feel like it. We wouldn't pay you per se. But thi nk of it as wiki-living.

thank you, -tom

Tom, I can't tell you how horrifying an idea I find that, but the sad fact of the matter is that my family and I are living in the carriage house at the moment, before getting underway renovating the big house.

However, finding tom's post in the spam filter (sorry, tom, nothing personal) reminds me that I kind of left my home-grown blog high and dry in favor of the shiny new House-specific Blogspot blog I started shortly after arrival here in town. Check it out; lots of status updates and pictures.

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