Complexification (programmatical art)
2006-11-30 programming art

I got wind of this wonderful, wonderful artist because I was obsessing on my hit logs due to starting this little blog (ahem, not like you haven't done that, be honest), and Xerexes at Comixpedia linked to this beauty of a site saying "Shades of the Toonbot" (aww, I've become a Concept. How cool.)

Anyway, my little scrivenings (hot dogs that they are) are nothing compared to the absolute jawdropping sheer beauty at Gallery of Computation | generative artifacts|Gallery of Computation | generative artifacts. You gotta see it.

The site is the turf of one Jared Tarbell, whose modus operandi is to write programs which express graphics. Pretty graphics. Really, really pretty graphics.

Well -- enough bubbling. Suffice it to say that I'd like to include a scripting engine into some version of the Toon-o-Matic which allows this kind of generative graphics. I doubt I'll ever get it that pretty, but still -- a man can dream.

Incidentally, note that this post's title contains parentheses. I'm probably revealing myself to be a complete fool, but let's just say that my blog weaving code choked on it because I was doing something really stupid with regular expressions. That may very well be the subject of a post soon. Or maybe I should keep my more egregious bugs under my hat. No, wait, those metaphors mix rather uncomfortably...

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