Comparative programming - a modest proposal
2009-03-20 wftk python perl ruby

So I had this really, really stupid idea a couple of days ago, but I just can't shake it. See, I'm rewriting the wftk in Perl in tutorial form, something that I've planned for a really long time.

Well, here's the thing. The Muse picked Perl, essentially because WWW::Modbot is an OOification of the original modbot stuff I wrote in Perl. And the Term::Shell approach to the modbot turned out to resonate so well with what I wanted to do, that I just ... transitioned straight from the modbot back to wftk in the same framework. But Perl -- even though I love Perl -- is not something I'm utterly wedded to, you know?

And now, I'm working in a unit-testing paradigm for the development. I've carefully defined the API in each subsection, tested it, and know where I'm going.

So here's the stupid idea. It just won't let go of me. Why stick to Perl?

Why not take each class, each unit test, and do that in selected other languages? It would be a fascinating look at comparative programming between the languages, wouldn't it? And the whole point of the wftk is not to be restrictive when it comes to your existing infrastructure -- wouldn't one facet of that unrestrictiveness be an ability to run native in Python? Ruby? Java? C? Tcl? LISP?

It just won't let go.

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