Blogging works again
2014-04-09 blogmeta

I've finally got the blog publisher working, so all the historical posts and keyword assignments now appear where they should (mostly; still have a couple of weirdnesses to figure out).

It all gets compiled and built on my local machine, written to static HTML, and pushed via git to Github, which as you know, Bob, now serves my static content. (This statement implies that my non-static content is hosted elsewhere, which is technically true - it's still on my old box, but doesn't actually work right now. That is a can of worms for another day.)

I had a lot of fun setting things up, and eventually I intend to post about the new site publication system. But in the meantime, there are lots of other things I also want to write about, and my sabbatical week is already half over just on the blog publishing system alone. (Sigh.)

Over the past two years, I've trained myself to use a note-taking system of my own design to track programming work and ideas, and I've augmented that system to publish some notes to the blog. This is the first of those notes. I hope to rebuild the habit of technical writing now that my translation productivity has risen - which should at least potentially free up some time. Right?

Anyway. There's lots to do. I'm going to get to it.

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