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We've put some work into an extension for AOLserver which allows direct connectivity to the CyberCash system for electronic commerce transactions. This allows you to scrap the Perl or C MCK distributions entirely, simplifying your ecomm solution greatly if you're working with AOLserver. It's a component of our own electronic commerce solution and you can also use it free of charge in your own.

Real Soon Now (yeah, right) we'll have a nice way for you to download this code in return for a registration. But we don't have it yet. So if you want it, just email us and we'll send it to you. It's free and we won't sell your name or anything, ever.

This code is really simple to understand; basically the key is that the CyberCash system is itself an HTTP-based web server. So an HTTP client can be used to send requests. Our own integration relies on our Vivtek HTTP client that we use for this kind of thing. (It's free, too, if you want it.)

... As you can see, I haven't had time to finish this. Ask me a question to get me moving. Actually, now that you've hit the page, I'll probably be prodded into action. Thanks for visiting!

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